Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Been a while

its been a while since our last post and there has been alot of changes The boys have still been getting waves

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Sunshine Coast photographer Ryan Jones has been a busy man of late. After returning home from a fruitful 3 month jaunt on the West Coast he was barely home long enough to catch up with everyone before he was off again, this time down the coast with Bodyboardshop team rider Drew Innocend. Ryan's golden run continued with the boys lucking into fun uncrowded waves for the majority of their trip. Below is a collection of shots Ryan was nice enough to throw our way from the past couple of months , keep an eye on all your favourite Bodyboarding print media for his top shelf stuff! Check out Ryan's blog here
Jake Stone

Drew Innocend

Cade Sharp

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Come get friendly with Skipp & the rest of the Manta team!!

Hawaiian Spencer Skipper is widely regarded as the owner of one of Bodyboardings most revered styles, which is why here at Eppo's Bodyboardshop we're more than a little excited to have Skipp in store this Sunday August 15. The style fest doesn't end there though, joining Skipp for Manta's East coast Promo tour is Brendan Backshall with special guests including Thomas Robinson. There'll be signings + heaps of giveaways to be had! It's all going down this Sunday Aug 15 at Eppo's Bodyboardshop Mooloolaba from 10am - 11am. Fluidzone have been chasing the tour all the way up the east coast so jump over to their FaceBook page for a looksie at what to expect. Below is Skipp's section from DECADE just to remind everyone how good he is!

spencer skipper NF10 from jaime on Vimeo.

On 2nds Thought

Team rider Nick McNeil scored some of the best waves he's ever had at home earlier in the week & local lensman Nathan Tyack was on hand to capture it all. We hope everyone has been getting some good waves recently!

Super grom Ben Newland

After a solid top 4 finish at the National Titles last year Eppo's Bodyboardshop's youngest team rider Ben Newland has gone from strength to strength with his surfing improving ten fold since. Expect to be hearing alot more from this super grom! Here's a couple recent shots Ben managed to snag in between classes. Thanks to Charles Beak for the shots.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

New Winter Rubber

There's some great new Winter wetsuits hanging from the Eppo's Bodyboardshop walls at the moment. Suits from Attica, Reeflex & Zion are all waiting to keep you toasty in the water this winter! There's also a bunch of great quality long & short sleeve springys available as well. So click on your favourite brand above or click here for the wetsuit page.

Putting in the effort

Being a wave rider on the Sunshine Coast can be frustrating at times, especially when there's pumping waves elsewhere on the east coast & you're faced with tiny lines at your local. Eppo's team rider Steven 'Tubba' Venn understands this so he rounded up local photographer Nathan Tyack and headed south to greener pastures. Here's some throwaways from the trip. Make sure you check out Nathan's blog!