Thursday, 27 December 2007

Bodyboardshop Stocktake Sale

From Saturday 29th December untill close of business Monday 31st December Eppos bodyboardshop will be having a stocktake sale all you need to do is visit either the Burleigh heads store or Mooloolaba store and tell them you saw the stocktake sale on the bodyboardshop myspace or blog and you will recieve 10% off anything instore (excl sale items) OR if you would like to buy online all you need to do to get the 10% off is simply quote the following code in the promo box in step 2 of the checkout


Happy New Year

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Riptide around the world in 40 days premiere

The riptide christmas party/movie premiere went down last night at the riptide HQ where loads of grommets and a few of the stars turned out to witness the premiere of the new dvd that comes with this issue of riptide called Around the world in 40 days it features Matt Lackey, Chris James, Glen Thurston and team rider Jake Stone, they hit the Phillipines, Ireland, The flowrider in the U.S and Mexico, the vid looks sick and so does the mag

There was plenty of food thanks to a BBQ put on by the Riptide crew and a few cases of beer kindly donated by Coopers for all the crew that was old enough to get there mitts on it. In the end the big crew inundated Sin City for party time and from all accounts there were some sore heads the next day

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Hardy's New Haircut

We had Ryan Hardy in yesterday showing off his new haircut for Hawaii.. And while we had him here we thought we would put him to work and sign some of his high performance VS machines so if you are after a VS Hardy board now you can pick one up signed by the man himself.

In other news Sunny Coast shredder and Roam star Jake Stone recently busted his collar bone shooting photos with keegs in 2ft shoreys at Mooloolaba putting his hawaii mission on hold for a few weeks at least

Another Sunny Coast rising star Reece Novella has just jetted into Hawaii and reports the waves have been crap and he has spent his first few nights trawling the streets of waikiki. Lets hope the waves improve so he can show the whordes what he has to offer in the juice

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Bodyboardshop Christmas Party V1.0

The sunshine coast store held its Christmas party on friday the 30th November with all the staff and most of the team riders such as Jake Stone, Thomas Robinson, Cade Sharp and Reece Novella and Adam Keegan rocking up to enjoy some quality gourmet pizza and some free beers, the night ended pretty messy but was enjoyed by all

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Rawlins instore

We were lucky enough to have mitch come in before he jetted off to hawaii on sunday to sign a whole bunch of his boards so if you are after a rawlins VS model it it will come with mitchs signature on it you had better be quick.....

Dinner with Mez

Late last week i caught up with VS and NMD mastermind Nick 'mez' Mesritz for dinner along with his QLD team riders such as Ryan Hardy, Joe Clarke and Thorpe Waluew.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Bodyboardshop Team

It has been a busy few months for the bodyboardshop team with a whole host of our riders picking up new sponsors wonderkid thorpe recently signed with NMD and No Freinds and just got back from his firts overseas jaunt to Bali, Ash Bryant picked up Iamnone and is getting flowed some sweet new threads, Joe Clarke left the NF ship and has switched to Plastic People following his epic section in the waldrons movie Insert Name Here and Nick Gornall has landed himself a home on the Morey team and has been blowing doors on his new ride as the photo below shows

On the sunny coast Jake Stone and Michael Novy have signed on with Agent 18 wetsuits which is set to debut this summer the suits are awesome and we should support the guys that support our sport by getting in to one of there suits for summer

Monday, 17 September 2007

Movement Grom Trip

The Movement Grom Trip movies are live. Vote for bodyboardshop team riders Jake Stone, Cade Sharp and Reece Novella to get on board

Ten snotty-nosed kids from Australia plead their case for magazine fame via youtube clips made by grom producer Cam Danzey.

Paste the below link into your browser and rate high (five stars) for the five you want to see on the Grom Trip in Movement mag 21.
There's two weeks to rate the pesky little brats and it's game over for the lowest five

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Jake Stone on LMNOP

Every year a new name seems to appear out of nowhere, with the promise of becoming a future leader. This year Sunshine Coast youngster Jake Stone is that kid. Having just signed up with brand leader Elemenohpee Jake looks set to make the expectations a reality. At a fresh energetic age of 17, Jake skill’s and maturity in the surf are impressive. It’s not a surprise with him having role models like fellow Elemenohpee star Michael Novy and Former World Champ Eppo at his dispose on the Sunny Coast guiding him through the ranks.

The Elemenohpee crew caught up with Jake after having spent the past couple of weeks scoring epic waves along the NSW East Coast to get a feel for his new affiliation with the internationally renowned brand. Here’s what the kid had to stay.

“When I heard I was officially on Elemenohpee, i was absolutely stoked. I was really amped that I would be apart of such a successful company that includes some of my favourite bodyboarders like Spencer Skipper and Michael Novy. Overall I think that I’m very lucky to have the opportunity to be along side with the Elemenohpee team riders and I can’t wait to begin working towards achieving as much as they have with their respective careers.”

Jake has never felt as comfortable and confident on a bodyboard since making the switch to Elemenohpee Bodyboards, “I can’t wait to see the new Elemenohpee boards hit the market. I reckon all those that decide to get one will be so amped on them. They are incredible!”

The new 2007 Elemenohpee range featuring all your favourite Elemenohpee riders new signature models have just arrived at all the top bodyboard and surf shops. Head in and check them out!!!!

Wednesday, 25 July 2007


Bodyboardshop super grom Thorpe has continued his success in taking out the boys divison of the QAB and qualifying for the nationals later this year at port macquarie he also placed 6th in the cadets division which is an awsome effort

Queensland Overall State Bodyboard Champions 2007

The following are the Queensland champions for 2007 and have qualified for the national titles

Cadets 1. Thomas Rigby 2. Jackson Lewin 3.Kevin Gil 4.Casey Robinson

Juniors 1. Tait McCarthy 2.Ryan Wakefield 3.Jack Cerne 4.Peter Norman

Opens 1. Taurey Witsel 2. Tim Abbott 3.Luke Davis SC 4.Jason Milham

Senior Men: Michael Chadwick

Champion Boy: Thorpe Waluew - came 6th overall for 2007 in Cadets Division but is only a boy.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Ash Bryant update

Ash has been on a mission lately hitting up and down the east coast scoring waves before setting off on a mission to Indo for Movement mag where he scored some epic shots we caught up with ash after he returned a sunburnt and content man

1. you have been on a mission lately where have you been scoring and who have you been surfing with

just been doing the missions around the local areas with all the boyz....
there definately hasnt been a shortage of waves in the last month so im really happy....
its good to finally get swell that isn't being hounded by onshore winds...

2. you went to indo for movement magazine how was that

yeh it was an awesome trip...all the guys i went with are all champions so there was no bitching and fighting which was really good....
and the waves just didnt stop the end of the trip i was just praying for a flat day so i could get some was just so consistent over there....

3. was that your first time to indo

yeh it was my first but definately not my last...thats for sure

4. did you have any bad encounters on your trip to indo

haha...yeh i had abit of a run-in with the dreaded bali belly...lets just say i didnt get of the toilet for 2 days....haha NOT HAPPY JAN....
other than that, it was all not to bad besides the roads....if you have a lead foot and have a death wish when your driving then the busy streets of kuta are the place for you....
there absoluetly nuts....

5. so whats next for ash

well im currently studying a Diploma of Building Design (Architecture) at gold coast tafe, so im going to try and stay on top of that at the moment, and once i get my financial status up abit then ill be definately doing a few trips around aus, then probably follow the herd over to hawaii...

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Nick Gornall update

Nick has been travelling australia and indo for the past four months scoring waves in vico, s.a, w.a and indo and no sooner had he arrived home he was scoring waves again at his home break straddie and other north coast delights as can be seen in the image above we caught up with nick not long after he got back and here is what he had to say.
You have been away for the past few months were have you been?
3 months around Australia and a month in Bali was pretty booged out hey

Who were you travelling with?
The one and only squirts macgregor (Jeremy hocquard ) around Australia
and with spoon in Bali

What was the craziest session you had in the water?
quite a few luna park, padang when i lost my board, GOONITS fun loving left ledge

And on land?
Nullabor, night times with spoon and dod in Bali, a week of rain in
margs, no waves and me showing people my muscles they got scared

How was indo where did you score?
yeah was pretty much booged out everyday, padang had some solid swells,
and the other side of the island heaps of new spots i didnt even know exsited it was

Any other crazy stuff happen when you were away?
ummm well was away for 4 months so much shit went down i guess, a week
of 40 knots rain and 30 foot wave at margs was pretty silly, me and
squirts kareoke with abo's was intense, really big nights and back on
scooters in bali, running from cops twice a day everyday, and anything
that involved 8 foot boogie board waves
sweet thanks nick

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Thorpe Waluew - The most recent addition to our Team

Thorpe is the newest addition to the Bodyboardshop team. He was recently picked as the 1st NF grom search winner. He is only a little tacker at just 12 years of age but is already turning heads in the bodyboarding world, including the style lord himself Mr Ryan Hardy who said “the kid has enormous potential”. If he keeps at it like he has the first two years of his short career he will be at the top of the food chain in no time.