Monday, 30 June 2008

Fresh Face

Eppo's Bodyboardshop would like to welcome Sunshine Coast 17 year old Drew Innocend to the team! Drew's been absolutley shreding so far in '08, so much so that we couldn't ignore his talent any longer.

Welcome to the family Drew!!!

Thanks to Ben Lee for the pics!

Movement # 24 dropped into Bodyboardshop like its the hottest thing around....

and it is!!!!!
Pete and the boys have created yet another masterpiece for their 24th installment. Featuring a DK photo shoot utilizing a chopper to capture rippers like Dubb, Mason & Lackey destroying some hapless northern NSW beach breaks.
Dave Winchester, Jose Marquina & Brendan Newton scored some crazy Shipstern caves recently and returned singing the praises of the new gen local crew who are beginning to form quite a bond with the heavy right, there's plenty of photographic prove to go along with the hype.
Looking for a new ride? Movement 24 has a sweet board test some with underground talent like Jason Finlay, Jame Kates and Doug Smith putting the new line of 08/09 boards to the test on location around Australia, including a crazy session at Luna Park. If that's not enough there's a 12 page BANG full of amazing photos.
Movement # 24 Available now at Eppo's Mooloolaba & Burleigh and online at

Sunday, 15 June 2008

TR empties his head

Bodyboard Shop's resident deep thinker Thomas Robinson has started up a blog to share his stories of searching for waves and goodtimes, both of which he's been enjoying plenty of lately. With reports of some cracking sessions all around the south coast filming for the upcoming iamnone release THRASH.

Check the blog here

Mike Stewart - King of the kids

Mike Stewart dropped into our Mooloolaba store on Friday afternoon and was greeted by a crowd of over 60 frothing groms and even a few from generations past. Mike spoke about his latest projects, the Tom Wegner Alaia wooden board and the Science Limited Edition release featuring Compression Cell technology. Mike even showed a ten minute section of his career spanning film Fire making the lucky crowd some of the first in world to see the movie.
Here's some pics thanks to Sunshine Coast photographer Ben Lee.

A huge thank you to Rod White from The EVENT TRUCK CO. for the awesome stage. The afternoon wouldn't have been the same without it!


With help from Boom bodyboarding podcasts NMD have just launched NMDtv, an internet based video initiative which will showcase the skills of NMD & VS team riders like Ryan Hardy, Ben Player, Mitch Rawlins & Bodyboardshop's own Joe Clarke just to name a few. Subscribe to the BOOM! podcast via itunes or stay tuned to vimeo.
As he mentioned in his last blog entry, Joe recently ventured to everyone's favourite wave rich island, Bali as part of an NMD/VS trip. Joe was rumoured to be absolutely killing it and here's the proof.

BOOM! Ep 2.0 NMDtv Indo Trip- Joe Clarke Profile from Waldron Bros Production on Vimeo.

Saturday, 7 June 2008


The man himself Mike Stewart will be appearing instore at Eppo's Mooloolaba on Friday June 13 @ 3:00pm.

So come on down and say hi and grab an autograph!!

For more info call the shop on 07 54776663

Friday, 6 June 2008

Information Overload

Heaps of rad lil bodyboarding blogs around at the moment:

Here are some of our Favs!
FIN, Claws & Teeth, Movement Mag and straight outa the states Rookies.

Make sure you check our Blog list to the right for new blogs and updates!!


Joe says hi

Hey guys
just thought I'd let you know what I've been up tofor the first half of 2008.
In mid January I escaped the rat race that is the gold coast and flew to a tropical island somewhere in the south pacific with a couple of mates. We were blessed with amazing waves for pretty much the whole month we were there and scored some sweet photos and footage as well. After getting back into the swing of things at home there's been a couple nice little swells getting around. I've been amped to surf as much as possible.
In early may I went on an NMD/VS trip to bali for 2 weeks, we scored waves every day . It was amazing surfing with all the lads like Ben P, Winny, Hardy, Rawlins, Max A, Charlie.H and Thorpie. All the boys were tearing and pushed me to keep up it was sick. The NMD boards I was riding went insane! Definatly keep an eye out for the new range out soon!!
I had a week to chill after all the boys left bali. The shopping there is amazing and cheap as dirt and you can basically buy anything you want, fake but still looks the part... At the moment the waves are dismal at home but there looks to be some fun waves coming in the next couple of days so im amped for a few kegs... I just received a pack of the latest threads from the boys at iamnone The gear looks insane and came just in time too, all my clothes were starting to get all old and smelly!!
Any way i'm off to try and get some waves.

I've chucked a couple recent shots from around the place. Thanks to Ben Lee!