Thursday, 29 January 2009


The Sunshine Coast Bodyboard Club has produced riders like Jono Bruce, Michael Novy, Jake Stone, Cade Sharp & Kira Llewellyn and is just about to kick off for another year & would love you to come along and join in! They're holding a sign on day at La balsa Park, Kawana this saturday from 3pm - 4pm. For more information call Lloyd Llewellyn - o416 491 378.

BP for everyone!!!

Still Bummed about missing out on seeing The Ben Player Project premiere in your neck of the woods? Or maybe the tour didn't quite reach far enough for you. No need to worry any more, or ask your mate who went for a pirate copy! The Waldron Bros had said the DVD would not be released in stores but it seems they've had a change of heart, well either that or they needed more moolah to fund their high flying lifestyles. Either way it's win win for those who missed out on the Prems! If you're still not caught up in all the excitement watch the teaser below and then slap yourself until you come to your senses!

THE BEN PLAYER PROJECT TEASER from Waldron Bros Production on Vimeo.

The Ben Player Project available right HERE right now at Eppo's

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Novy doing the blog thing

While in store today gathering a few things for his annual Hawaii jaunt Eppo's Bodyboardshop team rider Michael Novy informed us he's has decided to share his thoughts on a regular basis via . As Ben Lee pointed out Mr Novy has probably started the blog to fill in time between MSN conversations with young girls and checking myspace every 6.7 seconds. We've heard he's even in the process of developing a waterproof mini computer so he can even stay up to date in between waves. Until then you'll just have to wait for when he's not in the liquid to get your fix of Novy gossip. Here's a photo of Michael from a recent mission down the coast courtesy of Ben Lee.

Monday, 19 January 2009

For months and months the front- and only- page of Unite clothing's website read "website coming soon". Their excuse is that there's a million and one better things to do during summer than sit infront of a computer making things on the interwebs look pretty! That's exactly why the blog has been dormant for the last few weeks. Any way, the new Unite website is finished and looks great. There'll be regular news updates and the team profiles and pictures will be added soon. Click here to check the new site & here to purchase something from the Unite summer range from!