Thursday, 9 August 2007

Jake Stone on LMNOP

Every year a new name seems to appear out of nowhere, with the promise of becoming a future leader. This year Sunshine Coast youngster Jake Stone is that kid. Having just signed up with brand leader Elemenohpee Jake looks set to make the expectations a reality. At a fresh energetic age of 17, Jake skill’s and maturity in the surf are impressive. It’s not a surprise with him having role models like fellow Elemenohpee star Michael Novy and Former World Champ Eppo at his dispose on the Sunny Coast guiding him through the ranks.

The Elemenohpee crew caught up with Jake after having spent the past couple of weeks scoring epic waves along the NSW East Coast to get a feel for his new affiliation with the internationally renowned brand. Here’s what the kid had to stay.

“When I heard I was officially on Elemenohpee, i was absolutely stoked. I was really amped that I would be apart of such a successful company that includes some of my favourite bodyboarders like Spencer Skipper and Michael Novy. Overall I think that I’m very lucky to have the opportunity to be along side with the Elemenohpee team riders and I can’t wait to begin working towards achieving as much as they have with their respective careers.”

Jake has never felt as comfortable and confident on a bodyboard since making the switch to Elemenohpee Bodyboards, “I can’t wait to see the new Elemenohpee boards hit the market. I reckon all those that decide to get one will be so amped on them. They are incredible!”

The new 2007 Elemenohpee range featuring all your favourite Elemenohpee riders new signature models have just arrived at all the top bodyboard and surf shops. Head in and check them out!!!!