Sunday, 24 June 2007

Nick Gornall update

Nick has been travelling australia and indo for the past four months scoring waves in vico, s.a, w.a and indo and no sooner had he arrived home he was scoring waves again at his home break straddie and other north coast delights as can be seen in the image above we caught up with nick not long after he got back and here is what he had to say.
You have been away for the past few months were have you been?
3 months around Australia and a month in Bali was pretty booged out hey

Who were you travelling with?
The one and only squirts macgregor (Jeremy hocquard ) around Australia
and with spoon in Bali

What was the craziest session you had in the water?
quite a few luna park, padang when i lost my board, GOONITS fun loving left ledge

And on land?
Nullabor, night times with spoon and dod in Bali, a week of rain in
margs, no waves and me showing people my muscles they got scared

How was indo where did you score?
yeah was pretty much booged out everyday, padang had some solid swells,
and the other side of the island heaps of new spots i didnt even know exsited it was

Any other crazy stuff happen when you were away?
ummm well was away for 4 months so much shit went down i guess, a week
of 40 knots rain and 30 foot wave at margs was pretty silly, me and
squirts kareoke with abo's was intense, really big nights and back on
scooters in bali, running from cops twice a day everyday, and anything
that involved 8 foot boogie board waves
sweet thanks nick

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