Friday, 6 June 2008

Joe says hi

Hey guys
just thought I'd let you know what I've been up tofor the first half of 2008.
In mid January I escaped the rat race that is the gold coast and flew to a tropical island somewhere in the south pacific with a couple of mates. We were blessed with amazing waves for pretty much the whole month we were there and scored some sweet photos and footage as well. After getting back into the swing of things at home there's been a couple nice little swells getting around. I've been amped to surf as much as possible.
In early may I went on an NMD/VS trip to bali for 2 weeks, we scored waves every day . It was amazing surfing with all the lads like Ben P, Winny, Hardy, Rawlins, Max A, Charlie.H and Thorpie. All the boys were tearing and pushed me to keep up it was sick. The NMD boards I was riding went insane! Definatly keep an eye out for the new range out soon!!
I had a week to chill after all the boys left bali. The shopping there is amazing and cheap as dirt and you can basically buy anything you want, fake but still looks the part... At the moment the waves are dismal at home but there looks to be some fun waves coming in the next couple of days so im amped for a few kegs... I just received a pack of the latest threads from the boys at iamnone The gear looks insane and came just in time too, all my clothes were starting to get all old and smelly!!
Any way i'm off to try and get some waves.

I've chucked a couple recent shots from around the place. Thanks to Ben Lee!

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