Friday, 31 October 2008

Twenty Six

Here's what the boys at movement had to say about their latest issue.

The quickest and easiest way to claim superiority over your fellow man is through the art of competition. Kick his arse and you shall be the better person, yet for years bodyboarding struggled with the fact that the best weren't competing and even when they did we struggled with the idea of whether flapping around in waist high slop would help us understand anything. So this issue we took the red felt tipped biro to the IBA'sWorld Tour. It's now awash with Australian Dollars, Euros and Brazilian Real - all of it legal mind you - and is a competitive, commercial and, eventually, a marketable success. Of course, things are never quite that easy so you best read the unedited version written through the men toiling behind the scenes. Issue 26 also plays host to one of the hottest lady spreads you will ever see in a surfing magazine. I know, if you wanted porn you'd pay for it, but this is perfectly legit because that spread is in fact a vehicle for our summer clothing guide. Genius! There are surfing trips to Bali and South Australia, run concurrently through the one spread because we were short of time and ideas. And finally, and most of all leastly, there's that scurrilous man from Port Macquarie, Damian King, back between these pages and back mouthing off. Brilliant! On sale @ Bodyboardshop now.

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