Thursday, 8 May 2008

TR living the dream

hello to all loyal bodyboardshop blog readers,
just a quick update to let you all know whats been going on in my world of late. since i returned from hawaii in late feb i have been living on the nsw south coast at I AM NONE headquaters with a quick dash to the desert in south australia collecting footage for T H R A S H, a film from the creaters of video and the editor of NF decade and roam. check out for teasers, framies and daily updates of whats happening with the project. Besides the good times making the film and surfing my tits off attemping to perfect the art of booging i have been busy getting my new boards with science dialed in for the new range (out soon at epposbodyboardshop!) with groovy new colourways and a rad new logo. With the winter swells starting to pulse im frothing for the good times ahead.
peace peace
ps. heres some framies of me from T H R A S H.. enjoy!

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