Friday, 1 August 2008

Claws, Teeth & a Teaser

Just incase you've been living under some kind of rock with little to no internet access, Claws & Teeth are two super creative gentlemen from the west who have been running a sweet little blog for some time now (check our blog list). But there's more to them than trend spotting and spreading wild internet rumours! They film Bodyboarding, as a matter of fact they do it really, really well. They've released one dvd already: Same But Different. This year they're set to unleash their 2nd installment "Pastiche"- It's ok i have no idea what it means either. What i do know though is that the teaser looks insane especially the Hardy reverse at 25seconds, angles angles angles!!!
So enough words heres the teaser.


Pastiche Teaser from dan guy on Vimeo.

Keep your eyes peeled for Pastiche at Eppo's Bodyboardshop around November.

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